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Scungio Borst International (SBI) was originally founded to answer a call to provide a means to respond to development needs brought on by catastrophic events, whereby mass devastation caused displacement and loss of economy. This event bore the Rapid Response Development & Construction System that, once conceived and programmed, was further developed along with The Steel Network and Applied Science International. Further, a natural outgrowth of the services provided by the founders for years was to also separate the construction management consulting services from the general construction services of the general construction firm of Scungio Borst & Associates. Scungio Borst International then became a full-service construction management consulting firm with unique capabilities to serve specialty clientele on a global scale. We have served clients in United States, Asia, and  Europe and know no bounds as to where we will go to manage the construction and development needs for our clients.

We have been called a niche or a specialized firm because of our adaptability to varying environments and cultures and our ability to focus on specialized goals and remain dedicated to the pace of the project no matter how measured or how fast.