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Julie Flores

Project Manager

Pink nails and a hard hat are not your typical combination on a job site. However, Julie Flores is not your typical project manager/ superintendent. Yes, let’s point out the obvious. Julie is a female in a male-dominated role, but the only thing that makes Julie different from the men in her field is her experience.

Julie’s career started 20 years ago while she was working as a hairdresser when she came across an ad for an administrator at a construction company. Wanting to earn some extra cash, she decided to take the job, quickly realizing that she had a knack for the industry. It wasn’t long before she took on construction full-time and began working her way up through the company. First moving from administration to assistant project manager, and then project management. We would say that Julie has an edge on many people in her position because she understands how all ends of the business are run. This makes her a sort of super-superintendent and project manager hybrid. “I enjoy working with men, although they’re always skeptical at first. But that never lasts long because once I open my mouth, they quickly realize that I know what I’m doing and that I mean business. Luckily, it comes naturally to me. I’m good with people, and am very hands-on. I make sure to put in the effort to stay on top of things and never let my guard down,” says Julie.

Julie has been with Scungio Borst as a superintendent, project manager for a little over two years and has had the opportunity to run two of our larger residential projects, The Curtis Center Residences, and The Wanamaker House. She says that her favorite part about working for Scungio Borst is the trust that she is given to run her projects. “Julie runs a tight ship and has an innate attention to detail. She is someone that I know I can trust to get the job done. Her no-nonsense way of managing people, and problems is what helps to drive projects to successful completion.” says project manager, Jesse Thompson.

Julie grew up in Rochester, NY and now lives in Sicklerville, NJ. When she isn’t kicking butt on our construction sites, she is a self-proclaimed ‘homebody” and enjoys spending time binging The Real Housewives, dancing, and playing with her new Bullmastiff puppy, Gia. Julie has six sons, Sergio, Christopher, Tony, Nicholas, Jamie, and Corey and four grandchildren, Anthony, Abel, Grey, and Amelia with a fifth on the way.

Noted SBA Projects: Curtis Center Residences, Wanamaker House