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Mady Price

Project Engineer

There is no question that our project engineer, Mady Price, rocks…and we don’t just mean figuratively. Believe it or not, she is a geologist by trade, so rocks are her specialty!

Mady joined Scungio Borst just over one year ago after meeting our team on the Leonardo Helicopter project where she was contracted to inspect and test materials on site. After only a few days on the project, she left with more than just rock samples…she left with a job offer. Fast forward one year later and Mady is now one of our most talented project engineers.

Mady holds a degree in Geology from West Chester University and until last year had never thought that one day, she would find herself working for a construction company. Thus far, Mady maintains that she prefers the day-to-day of being a project engineer. “I love that every day is different, and there is always a new challenge that keeps me rolling with the punches. When I worked as a geologist, every day was the same.”  Mady has worked on several projects this past year including Leonardo Helicopters, Planet Fitness Lansdale and DiBruno Brothers Wayne, which she says has been her favorite due to the intricate and luxurious materials used on the job. –– aka a geologist = a real material girl

You can be sure the SBA team knows to not take her experience for ‘granite’; Mady brings a unique perspective to her work and continues to impress her coworkers. “I’ve worked with Mady on a few different projects thus far. She is highly detail-oriented, a very quick learner, and possesses a radiant personality that makes her a joy to be around. I’m happy she’s on our team.”, says Matt O’Donnell, Superintendent.

For fun, Mady is an avid rock climber (we are sensing a theme here!) But seriously, when she is not working at Scungio Borst, you can find her at the beach, rock climbing with friends or studying for her Master’s Degree in Business Administration at LaSalle University. – you go girl