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Melissa Franklin-Lewis

Assistant Estimator

Born and raised in Princeton, NJ with her parents and older brother, Melissa spent a lot of her time trying to figure out how to juggle sports, fashion, friends and studying. With a desire to try a little bit of everything, she studied fashion design at Philadelphia University, worked at a hedge fund, worked for several nonprofit companies, bartended, and nannied. It wasn’t until Melissa started working at Scungio Borst that she found her niche in the construction industry.

Melissa has been with Scungio Borst & Associates since 2012 when she started as a receptionist. Working her way up, Melissa is now a full-time estimating assistant and attends Rowan University, working towards a degree in construction management. Since joining the estimating team, she has continued to impress her colleagues with her strong work ethic and passion. “From handling most of our digital bid components and communication to her ability to foster great subcontractor relationships, Melissa has been a wonderful addition to the pre-construction department.  It has been a delight to watch Melissa’s growth through the years; her push for new construction knowledge and additional responsibilities has been never-ending,” says her supervisor and director of pre-construction, Matt Elicker.

Melissa owes her success and time at Scungio Borst to the ownership team. “Phil and Scott are extremely supportive and my biggest cheerleaders. They care about how I’m doing in school and in life. They really work hard to make sure their employees are happy and in the right spot.”

Melissa is a recent newlywed and lives with her husband Jamie, her cat Balor, and her two pet parakeets Lemmy Chirp-meister and Doyle Wolfgang Von Franken-chirp. When she’s not studying for school, you can find her at the gym powerlifting, playing video games, or reading a good book.

Favorite Project: Dogtopia in Limerick, because it’s the first project that she saw through start to finish.