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Omayra Borrero

Office/Accounts Manager

If you visit our office in Camden, NJ, there is a good chance that you’ll be welcomed by the sound of Puerto Rican music and the vocal stylings of our January spotlight and Office Manager, Omayra Borrero. 

Omayra Borrero was born and raised in beautiful Vega Baja, Puerto Rico where she lived with her grandparents, parents and younger brother. After graduating from the University Del Caribe with a degree in sociology, Omayra and her family made the decision to move to the states for better career opportunities. 

So, they made the move to Camden, NJ, where Omayra first began her career in customer service at the New Jersey post office. After working several years at the post office, Omayra decided to take a position at a local bank as a customer services representative where she quickly learned that she enjoyed working with numbers. It was during her time at the bank that she met a local business owner, Phil Borst. Phil was originally a client of Omayra’s but was so impressed by her work ethic and passion for customer service that he asked her to quit her job at the bank to work for him at Scungio Borst. 

Fast forward 15 years and Omayra is Scungio Borst’s longest tenured employee. She has worked her way up from secretary, to executive assistant, to her current position as office and accounts manager. Another position she holds – although unofficial – is office entertainer. Whether she’s singing, dancing, or throwing out witty jokes, Omayra makes an impression on everyone who enters our office. Even her long-time supervisor Scott Scungio still enjoys her colorful personality 15 years later. “¡Ay, bendito! announces Omayra when trouble is brewing, and there you see an example of the passion that she brings to Scungio Borst. Omayra was employee #2 in the company.  We lured her away from our bank, TD Bank (then Commerce Bank), for her excellent customer service and communication, with the belief that she would be a builder in our corporate culture.  Omayra has been with us throughout our 15 years journey in Camden and has worn many “hats”, always willing to do what is necessary to keep the company flowing.”

Omayra now lives in Pennsauken, NJ with her husband, Julio, three children, Lizomary, Idalia, Isaias, and 3-year-old grandson, Mickel. On the weekends you can find Omayra at home; she is a total homebody and enjoys spending time with her family cooking, playing games, and of course dancing, and singing — ay, bendito!