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Delaware River Trail

The Delaware River Trail is the expansion of an existing five-mile trail located along the Delaware River, north of Philadelphia, PA. Scungio Borst was contracted to expand the trail by renovating the two-mile stretch of land between Washington Avenue and Spring Garden. The construction of this trail addition is a critical element of the Master Plan for Central Delaware. The completed multi-use trail runs from Oregon Avenue to Allegheny Avenue. It connects with other regional and city-wide trails such as the East Coast Greenway and the Spring Garden Greenway, making it a key part of The Circuit. The goal of the expansion of the trail is to create seamless access to all of the public spaces that DRWC has either completed or is planning on building in the future.

The construction of this two-mile trail expansion project includes the complete renovation of the existing sidewalks into both a walking/running path and two-way bike lanes. The design also includes the installation of over 120 new solar lights, 20 solar benches, and all new landscaping.