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Shane McDonnell

Construction Manager

When you hire someone new to the workforce, you expect a period of transition to learn the ins and outs of the industry. That was not the case for our project engineer, Shane McDonnell. Shane grew up on construction sites, even having managed his own small projects during high school and college. How is this even possible? Simply put, it’s in his blood.

Shane joined Scungio Borst just over two years ago after having earned his degree in construction management. Shane not only had his degree, but he also brought 7+ years of experience working for his father’s residential construction business. You may be wondering, “why didn’t Shane continue working with his father?” Well, we asked him. Shane says it’s because he wants to learn as much as possible about the business and the best way to do that is branching out and gaining experience working for a commercial firm on larger projects.

It didn’t take long for the Scungio Borst team to realize that Shane is on the fast track to becoming a multi-talented construction professional. “Shane has an appetite for learning from new experiences every day and, because of his existing construction knowledge, he can transition from assistant site superintendent to project engineer at a moment’s notice. Having the ability to be a hybrid on our projects makes him a utility player who can fill any role needed. I am extremely impressed by this.” says veteran project manager, Will Elia.

So far, Shane has successfully worked on some of our larger projects such as Pennington MOB, Hahnemann Hospital Demolition, and what he now says has been his favorite project – Leonardo Aerospace Flight Simulator Facility. “I enjoyed the technology aspect of the project. It wasn’t just the construction of a building; it was the construction of a facility that has to be able to hold some of the world’s most advanced technology; making the construction more intricate and exciting”.

In his personal time, Shane enjoys hiking, camping, or just spending the day driving on the beach. Basically just about anything outdoors… and if you just so happen to run into him inside at a local watering hole, don’t bet him in a game of pool. Shane is a pool shark that plays in several leagues throughout the year. —don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Noted SBA Projects: Leonardo, Hanneman Hospital, Pennington Medical, Menlo Park Shake Shack & True Foods